Reducing stress Divorce is one of the most stressful life events that one can go through. There is the pain of having a relationship end, worry about finances, trying to co-parent with someone that you don’t really want to be around, and all of these issues can easily pile up. When the split is bordering on hostility from either or both parties, a stressful event can quickly become overwhelming. Finding ways to reduce stress during divorce is a basic self-preservation issue, and some have found that renting a storage unit can aid with the division and allocation of property. If the division of property is not going smoothly, some Davis County family lawyers recommend putting possessions into a self storage unit until the mediation or hearing has occurred. When you have come to a consensus, you can retrieve these items from your Ogden storage unit. While this is not the happiest of uses for self storage, being able to place and retrieve items from a neutral location can reduce your stress at an already stressful time. When there is a Protective Order/Restraining Order This practice is especially helpful if there is need for a protective order between the parties. While most families who divorce do not need this extreme step, there is a time and place in which it is appropriate. When parties cannot be present at the same location, having a neutral holding spot can help the exchange of property go more smoothly. Take care of the contractual agreements Clearly, when renting a unit in an Ogden self storage unit for a divorcing couple there are logistics issues that need to be addressed. Payment of the monthly rental fees, which party holds the keys, who has access to the unit, etc., all need to be decided. In an already acrimonious situation, there are likely to be attorneys on each side. Dividing the rent in half is an easy solution and some family attorneys can pay for this cost from their retainers. Take someone with you Another ...

November 30th, 2018



There are many ways to prepare your belongings when you are putting them in a storage unit. Since you will not have easy and daily access to your items, it is important to make sure that they are safely packed. Following some of the basic principles below can help you prepare your valuables for long-term storage in one of our Ogden storage units. Pallets are for more than making cool decorations from Pinterest If possible, it is better to place your items on pallets when storing. This helps protect from condensation and pest damage. Some experts recommend using a tarp or heavyweight plastic sheeting on the floor of the unit, then putting the pallets on top of them for maximum protection. Plus, you will have the added benefit of being able to use the pallets for one of those projects that you have saved on your Pinterest Board when you are done with your storage unit. Remove the scent of food, crumbs, etc. All items that will be stored should be clean before storing, including appliances big and small. A few of the most often forgotten items that will surely draw pests are toasters and toaster ovens. It is critical to clean out the crumb tray and interior of these handy gadgets. Ignoring this step is a surefire way to invite rodents who are looking for a snack. These nasty pests will not stop at your toaster; they will go into any box that they find looking for handouts. In addition to making sure that all your small appliances aren’t advertising for free meals to a rodent café, wipe down both inside and out of larger appliances with a bit of bleach on a cloth. You can leave a dish of baking soda on an interior shelf if you are storing a refrigerator or freezer. Do not store food of any sort in your storage unit. Wrap it up If it is at all possible, it is better to avoid long term storage of mattresses or box ...

November 15th, 2018



No matter your reasons for downsizing from your current home to a new and considerable smaller place you can rest easy knowing that the process won’t be difficult with the help of a storage unit from Easy Storage in Ogden. Listed below are some tips to help you with the downsizing process. Determine your Needs Before you begin the downsizing process you will want to walk through your home and determine what you really need in order to live comfortably day to day. A lot of the items we tend to accumulate will sit and collect dust because of unmet plans or goals. Get rid of what you aren’t using right now and store what you think you might use in the future in your storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden. Go through Everything When you are preparing to move and downsize your living situation you will want to empty out every cupboard, drawer, and closet to see what you have been keeping in your home over the years. Sort your items into specific piles determining what you will keep, toss, donate or store. Be picky and only keep what you really need. Measure your New Space Before you start to haul over all of the furniture and items you are wanting to take with you to your new home, you will want to make sure you have enough room. Measure your existing furniture to make sure you are able to fit it in your new space while giving you enough room for storage. You might want to consider selling your original furniture for pieces that allow for more space in your home. Organize When downsizing you are going to be forced to get creative with your available storage space and organization. As you move into your new home you will want to organize as you go. The better you organize the space the better you can maintain the cleanliness of your home. ...

October 30th, 2018



Whether you are moving or just clearing house and need a storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden, Utah for the process you will want to make sure you are packing your fragile, breakable items correctly. Listed below are some helpful tips when it comes to packing up your breakable items. * Choose the right box. You will want to use boxes that are sturdy enough to hold your fragile items and large enough to fit the item and the adequate amount of packing materials. If necessary you might want to consider adding extra packing material or double-boxing your breakables during transit. * Fill the items that could collapse inwards. Items such as glasses, bowls, and vases should be filled with tissue paper, extra socks, or newspaper to put equal pressure on all the surfaces of your fragile items. * Completely wrap all of your breakable valuables in bubble wrap to protect it during its move or stay in a storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden, Utah. Make sure the bubble wrap covers all surfaces of your item and it is secured with tape. Make sure you aren’t using the tape excessively or else you will have a hard time getting to your item when you need it. * Make sure your box is completely filled. Put two to three inches of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Once you have a layer of packing material you can begin to place your bubble wrapped items in your box. Fill any of the empty spaces in between your items and the box with packing peanuts. Make sure your items are secure enough so they don’t have any wiggle room within the box. Securely tape the box and label it for ease and organization. * When placing your packed box of breakables in a storage unit you will want to try and elevate it off the floor and place it on a flat and sturdy surface. This will make sure no damage can ...

October 15th, 2018



Are you currently renting a home or apartment? Do you feel like you just can’t make the space your own because of the restrictions put into place? We at Easy storage in Ogden have scoured the internet and found some creative and temporary décor solutions to help you in make your rental feel more like home. Self-adhesive tiles can be added to your kitchen to give it that personal touch while creating a stunning back-drop. These tiles can often be found at Home Depot. These tiles are meant to be temporary and can easily be put up and taken off when the time comes. Command Hooks are a fast and easy way to add some personal touches to your home. Hanging curtain rods from command hooks gives you a creative way to put your jewelry or scarves on display in your bedroom. Command hooks can also be used when hanging decorative pieces. Command hooks easily come off when you want to change it up or move out without damaging the walls. Peel and Stick wall decals are perfect for when you want to add that special statement piece to your rented space. These come in a variety of patterns and quotes so you can choose which one fits your style. These also come off without damaging the paint or walls in your home. Temporary wallpaper is now available to those who rent. You can easily wallpaper your space to give it that personal touch. While it may appear to look like real wallpaper it is easier to put up and take off. Temporary wall paper comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can choose which one fits your décor the best. Tapestries can make your space feel cozy and give your space that much needed statement piece. These are easily hung and can be taken down and folded up if you wish to change the style of your space. Bright floral pieces can be added to your space to give it that ...

September 17th, 2018



Winter is fast approaching and it may be time to put your bicycle in storage for the winter season. Renting a self-storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden is the perfect solution if you have little to no space in your home to store your bicycle. Listed below are some preparations you should make before placing your bike in storage. Check your Tires Thoroughly inspect your tires for any holes or tears. These should be repaired before placing your bike in storage. Make sure you tires area fully inflated as well. In order to have your bike remain in pristine condition during its time in storage you will want to make sure the tires stay inflated throughout its duration in the storage unit. The best way to do this is by hanging your bike off the ground. This will relieve any pressure put on the bike tire and keep it from warping if the tire does in fact go flat. Avoid Rust Storing a bike for a long period time does come with the potential hazard of rust. To fight against rust build up make sure your bike is clean and dry before placing it in storage. When in the storage unit you may cover your bike to protect it from any outside moisture. Keeping it up off the floor is another added measure to ensure your bike will be protected from any unexpected spills or water damage. You can easily do this by setting it on top of a pallet or on a tarp. Inspect your Bike Take the time to inspect all parts of your bike. You can do this when cleaning and preparing your bike for storage. You will want to make sure the bike is in working condition before you place it into your self-storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden. This includes doing some of the routine maintenance on it such as lubricating the chain and inflating the tires. Having your bike go into storage in pristine shape will help ...

September 8th, 2018



Does your basement look more like a dump? Now is a great time to go through the items in your basement and figure out what you want to keep close at hand and what you can store at your storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden. Having an organized basement can open up various opportunities to create even more functional living space in your home. Start by Sorting Before you can have your basement transformed into the space you have always wanted, you will need to empty out its contents and sort through all of the items you have been storing. Creating piles of items that you will keep, toss, donate, or store. Be picky when it comes to the things you are thinking about keeping. For your sentimental items you just can’t seem to part with but don’t have the space for, you can trust Easy Storage in Ogden to keep your items out of harm’s way. Create Workable Zones Before you embark on putting everything back into your basement in an organized manner, you will need to create zones. Each zone should have a function and/or have similar items being stored together. For example, if you are using your basement primarily for storage you will want to keep all of your camping gear in one area, tools in another, and kitchen accessories in an area that is easy to reach. Keep your Items Contained To achieve ultimate organization you will want to invest in containers for the majority of your items. Not only will these containers keep everything together, it will also protect them from unexpected spills, dust, and dirt. Plastic bins with sealable lids are the best for storing the majority of your items. Remember to label and place your bins in an organized fashion. Buying and installing shelving is a great way to keep your bins organized and off of the floor. Want to learn more about the storage units we have available at Easy Storage in Ogden? Check out our ...

August 15th, 2018



Now that you have rented a storage unit from Easy Storage in Ogden, Utah we want you to get off on the right foot when it comes to organizing your unit. Rather than just throwing all of your items in your unit you can organize as you go. This will help you to go back and find a particular item with ease. Read the tips below to help you get started. Create and Organize by Zones The best way to find what you are looking for as you go back to your storage unit from time to time is by creating zones. You can create zones in a way that works best for you, but we suggest doing it by the room of your house. This way you know exactly where an item is when you need it. Make a Plan Before you even start placing your items in your storage unit it might be a good idea to draw a layout. Include the dimensions of your unit along with any shelving that you may use for keeping your smaller items up and out of the way. Map out your zones along with enough room for a walkway to each area of your unit. You can even go as far as labeling and numbering your boxes on the drawing of you layout so you know exactly where each box will be. Label Everything Once you have gathered all the items you will be placing in storage you will want to make sure they are properly packed and labeled. We suggest only using plastic bins with sealable lids or thicker moving boxes in order to better protect all of your items. Label each box or container with its contents. Get as detailed as you can in order to save you time when you are looking for that item later. Maximize the Available Space To maximize the space, you have available in your unit you will want to enlist in the help of shelving and plan on placing items ...

July 25th, 2018



Nothing is worse than having an unorganized and messy closet. Having to dig through a mess of clothing and accessories every morning could be what is causing you to be stressed and late every day. To help you with your closet organization we at Easy Storage in Ogden have gathered some easy tips for you to try when it comes to organizing your closet. Completely Empty your Closet The best way to start any organization project is by emptying out all of the items you have in your closet. Designate a space in your home to place all of your items. Once you have everything removed you can go through your belongings and decide what you will keep, donate, or place in storage. You can create a lot more storage space in your closet by switching out seasonal clothing and placing the out of season clothing in a storage unit at Easy Storage in Ogden. To help you with the sorting process you can use bins and/or a hanging rack to help you to get a better idea of exactly what you will be keeping. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items If you are using your closet as an in home storage unit you will want to find them a new home. Every item should go in the room it coincides with. If you are still unable to find the space you need, your new storage unit at Easy Storage will help you to free up some storage space throughout your home. Clean the Surfaces of your Closet When we say clean, we mean it. Now is the perfect opportunity to give your closet a good scrub before placing all of your clothing back on its shelves. Wipe down all of the surfaces with a disinfectant wipe or wet wash cloth. You will be surprised at how much dust has accumulated throughout the use of your closet. If you have carpet on the floor of your closet you will want to give that a good vacuuming ...

July 11th, 2018