November 30th, 2018

Reducing stress

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events that one can go through. There is the pain of having a relationship end, worry about finances, trying to co-parent with someone that you don’t really want to be around, and all of these issues can easily pile up. When the split is bordering on hostility from either or both parties, a stressful event can quickly become overwhelming.

Finding ways to reduce stress during divorce is a basic self-preservation issue, and some have found that renting a storage unit can aid with the division and allocation of property. If the division of property is not going smoothly, some Davis County family lawyers recommend putting possessions into a self storage unit until the mediation or hearing has occurred. When you have come to a consensus, you can retrieve these items from your Ogden storage unit. While this is not the happiest of uses for self storage, being able to place and retrieve items from a neutral location can reduce your stress at an already stressful time.

When there is a Protective Order/Restraining Order

This practice is especially helpful if there is need for a protective order between the parties. While most families who divorce do not need this extreme step, there is a time and place in which it is appropriate. When parties cannot be present at the same location, having a neutral holding spot can help the exchange of property go more smoothly.

Take care of the contractual agreements

Clearly, when renting a unit in an Ogden self storage unit for a divorcing couple there are logistics issues that need to be addressed. Payment of the monthly rental fees, which party holds the keys, who has access to the unit, etc., all need to be decided. In an already acrimonious situation, there are likely to be attorneys on each side. Dividing the rent in half is an easy solution and some family attorneys can pay for this cost from their retainers.

Take someone with you

Another issue that can come up when using a storage unit for this purpose is that one party may take items from the unit or be accused of so doing. It is important to take a neutral party, i.e. your attorney, with you to the storage unit and to take pictures of the unit when you arrive and when you leave. These small steps can save much time and contention later on.