November 15th, 2018

There are many ways to prepare your belongings when you are putting them in a storage unit. Since you will not have easy and daily access to your items, it is important to make sure that they are safely packed. Following some of the basic principles below can help you prepare your valuables for long-term storage in one of our Ogden storage units.

Pallets are for more than making cool decorations from Pinterest

If possible, it is better to place your items on pallets when storing. This helps protect from condensation and pest damage. Some experts recommend using a tarp or heavyweight plastic sheeting on the floor of the unit, then putting the pallets on top of them for maximum protection. Plus, you will have the added benefit of being able to use the pallets for one of those projects that you have saved on your Pinterest Board when you are done with your storage unit.

Remove the scent of food, crumbs, etc.

All items that will be stored should be clean before storing, including appliances big and small. A few of the most often forgotten items that will surely draw pests are toasters and toaster ovens. It is critical to clean out the crumb tray and interior of these handy gadgets. Ignoring this step is a surefire way to invite rodents who are looking for a snack. These nasty pests will not stop at your toaster; they will go into any box that they find looking for handouts.
In addition to making sure that all your small appliances aren’t advertising for free meals to a rodent café, wipe down both inside and out of larger appliances with a bit of bleach on a cloth. You can leave a dish of baking soda on an interior shelf if you are storing a refrigerator or freezer.

Do not store food of any sort in your storage unit.

Wrap it up

If it is at all possible, it is better to avoid long term storage of mattresses or box springs. If you must store them, make sure to wrap them with specially designed plastic mattress covers. Make sure that there are no holes or gaps where the zipper closes. Sealing them thoroughly is essential in order to keep them protected from moisture, dust and insects. The trick to storing mattresses is that they should be stored flat and without other items piled upon them.

Take it apart
Wooden furniture can be stored in a unit with some basic preparations. Wipe the wood down with a wood soap and clean the upholstery. Disassemble the pieces as much as is possible. Finally, wrap the furniture and place it on pallets in your unit. Watch for and avoid overcrowding, as this is the most common cause of furniture damage.
If you pack your items properly, you maximize the chances that the time spent with us in storage in Ogden will keep your valuables ready for you when you retrieve them.